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The Mo’Kelly Show 4.6.14 – Pope Francis a Communist?! * Yahoo!’s Billy Johnson Jr. Talks Music Biz * Socks with Sandals (AUDIO)

How can someone living their creed like Pope Francis fall under attack for supposedly being a “communist?” I’ve got news for you. If you LIVE the gospel, you actually care about feeding the hungry, clothing the [...]

Beyoncé Tries for ‘Closest Thing to Porn’ Award with Partition (VIDEO)

Clearly, singers have nothing meaningful left to sing about or ideas in which to express. Eventually, Beyoncé will realize she’s a mother in her 30s (of a daughter no less). It just won’t be today. [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show 1.26.14 – Patti LaBelle Disses Today’s ‘Divas’ * Horror Stories of Music Business * Grammy Importance (AUDIO)

On this program we share some of the behind-the-scenes in the music industry.  From the reality of the Grammy Awards, from the voting to their financial impact; to even the ongoing debate of whether musicianship is [...]

Beyoncé Yanked Off Stage During Concert in Brazil (VIDEO)

Beyoncé was pulled from the stage during her performance. She suffered no injuries according to published reports. An aggressive fan attending Beyonce’s concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday put rational thought to the left as [...]

Mo’Kelly in the Morning 4.12.13 – Mo’Kelly goes IN on The President re: Jay-Z and Special Lou Gossett Jr. Conversation

I start with Kudos for Michelle Obama for her speech in Chicago. After that, I have very harsh words for President Obama, his association with Jay-Z and the message it continues to send. This was avoidable [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show 3.23.13: Sequester Just Might Kill Us * Mother of Terrilynn Monette * Beyonce the ‘Bow Down’ Role Model?

The Mo’Kelly Reportis a syndicated politics and entertainment journal. Visit http://mrmokelly.com for the latest from Mr. Mo’Kelly. Tune into The Mo’Kelly Show Saturdays from 6-8pm PDT on KFI AM640 and XM 166 Saturdays and Sundays from [...]

The Mo’Kelly Show 11.10.12 – Rhetoric, Remembering Mike Brown and Skyfall

And Mo’Kelly got to do his (very bad) Yoda impression. Be sure to check out the end of the program where we talk about Skyfall, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the weird prevalence of unexplained accents in movies. [...]

The Time is Now for Jay-Z to Act His Age

Some would say the recent altercation at the BET Hip-Hop Awards was just the latest embarrassment to befall hip-hop, an oft criticized slice of pop culture…and they would be correct.  It’s the “latest” incident, not an [...]

Harry Belafonte ‘Give Me Bruce Springsteen’ (Over Jay-Z)

From The Hollywood Reporter THR: Back to the occasion of the award for your acting career. Are you happy with the image of members of minorities in Hollywood today? Belafonte: Not at all. They have not [...]

Hold Up! Jay-Z NOT Dropping ‘B*tch’ from His Music!

From The Guardian The reports were wrong: even the birth of his baby daughter will not stopJay-Z from using the world “bitch”. And it appears the rapper is not the author of the widely circulated poem about [...]