<em>The Mo’Kelly Show</em> HOUR THREE 9.6.14 – The Walter O’Brien ‘Scorpion’ Interview (AUDIO)
By: Mr. Mo'Kelly - 07 September 2014 - 1 Comment

Walter O’Brien (hacker name: “Scorpion”) was diagnosed as a child prodigy with an IQ of 197 and at 13 years old started his company ScorpionComputerServices.com. Scorpion has mitigated risk for 7 years on $1.9 [...]

<em>The Mo’Kelly Show</em> HOUR TWO 9.6.14 – Nerd-O-Rama * Dancing with the D-List ‘Stars’ (AUDIO)
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Since The Mo’Kelly Show last night was a special three-hour offering, it allowed us an extended ‘Nerd-O-Rama.’ And yes, we still are debating whether Thor can be a woman. Also… Don’t you have to [...]

<em>The Mo’Kelly Show</em> HOUR ONE 9.6.14 – Gov. Howard Dean and Former RNC Chair Michael Steele Preview Midterms (AUDIO)
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This show is so good and so pithy we had to create three different podcasts just to get it all to you in a manner you most prefer. Former Vermont governor and DNC Chairman [...]

Joan Rivers: 1933 – 2014
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Radio Co-workers and Mommies Lose 210LBS Together! (VIDEO)
By: Mr. Mo'Kelly - 29 August 2014 - 0 Comments

Shoutout to my co-workers Vanessa Herron and Ryan Cash!  Proud of you both! The video says it all! [...]

<em>The Mo’Kelly Show</em> 8.23.14 – Felicia ‘The Poetess’ Morris * Rickie Byars Beckwith (AUDIO)
By: Mr. Mo'Kelly - 24 August 2014 - 0 Comments

Felicia ‘The Poetess’ Morris joined us in studio to introduce Morris Broadcast Media Studios. The 1800 Square ft. facility features 3 production studios for broadcast & streaming, chroma key (green screen) and audio production. [...]