Commentary — 19 April 2012

They have been chatting each other up all week. Saturday on The Mo’Kelly Show, the time for talk will be over and the two heavyweights will do battle for all America on the top issues in the news.

Place your bets…MUST LISTEN RADIO.

The Mo’Kelly Show, from 6-8pm PDT on KFIAM 640.  The Battle of the Network Talking Heads, (weigh-in at 6pm, bout at 7pm).  You can listen anywhere in the world on (search KFI) or via the iheartradio app on your phone.

Is Roland Martin all talk, all bluster…or can he bring it?!  He’s repping Washington Watch,  The Tom Joyner Morning Show and the Society of African-American Ascot-wearers.  Find out SATURDAY!

Something tells Mo’Kelly you’ll want to hear it firsthand and not wait for the podcast.


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The Mo'Kelly Report is a syndicated politics and entertainment journal. Visit for the latest from Mr. Mo'Kelly. Tune into The Mo'Kelly Show every weekend. Saturdays and Sundays 6-8pm PST on KFI AM640. Contact Mo'Kelly: Mo ~ at ~ TheMoKellyShow ~ dot ~ com

  • Lynn

    I heard you on the Tom Joyner show this morning. Mo…..has Tavis sunk that low?

    • Mr. Mo’Kelly

      His first call could have been to me…instead it was to his lawyer. It is what it is.

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