Commentary — 29 March 2012

Tune in tomorrow (Friday) at 9am Pacific (12pm Eastern) to hear Mo’Kelly on KTLK AM1150 as he hosts the program DiverseLA all by himself.  Tomorrow’s program is the culmination of the series and in the coming days, Mo’Kelly has a MAJOR announcement to make.

We’ll recap with highlights of the past three weeks (with Mo’Kelly’s typical style throughout) and then it will REALLY get good.

In fact, at 11am during the program tomorrow, Mo’Kelly will have an hour-long, face-to-face conversation with KFI morning show host Bill Handel, of the #1 Los Angeles morning show, The Bill Handel Show.  We’ll discuss the state and future of radio, finding the line between humor and hatred and the responsibility of on-air personalities in the 21st century.




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