Commentary — 09 August 2011

Today on the Obnoxious Radio Show produced by the Religazine Media Group,

Centino Kemp

Centino Kemp the supposed 5th accuser of  “___________” detailed among other things his first meeting with “___________” the rape by “___________” and the subsequent emotional brainwashing employed.

Fill in the blanks as you see fit.

Below you will find an excerpt of a 90-minute conversation with blogger William McCray (Obnoxious), courtesy of RMG radio.  Please check out Obnoxious’ website

William "Obnoxious" McCray and


A FASCINATING conversation!  Kemp goes on to describe falling in love with “__________,” his anger at finding out “__________” was having relationships with other men, where he is in his spiritual development and how his music provides his balance now.

Find audio in its entirety HERE.

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