Commentary — 28 November 2010

There are just some things that are funny to Mo’Kelly.  If you have Mo’Kelly’s sense of humor, then this is hilarious to you.  If not, it won’t be.  Maybe you might have to be familiar with the fullness of “the song” used in the commercial. To that end, Mo’Kelly posts it a little further below.


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If you don’t “get it”…listen to the FULL VERSION (explicit) of the song.

How this made it past the censors…Mo’Kelly will never know…but that’s why it’s funny.

Other Commercial Picks:

Hillshire Farm…Go Meat!

Hornitos Tequila – Milf…”Mom…Phone”

Old Spice – Smell Like a Man

Blue Shield and Jack in the Box Double Play

Burger King – Es STRAH thuh

Coca – Cola/Pittsburgh Steelers 30th Anniversary Commerical

Durex – Condom Balloon-Toy Sex Party (Well that’s what it is)

Dick’s Sporting Goods – Jimmy Rollins’ Pleasure Pain

T-Mobile – Yao’s Comfort Food

Carmax – Get Out

Dominos – Pasta Dude

Hammertime Hallmark

Heineken Walk-In Fridge

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  • caldwell

    Man thanks bro. I have been trying to find the name of the artist and song from that Captain Morgan commercial for a month I really do appreciate it.

  • Cricketb

    Hey Mo, They have to have an iPhone app or something playable on your phone so you can “use” this if the same instance comes up! Anybody know if it exists?

  • Mr. Mo’Kelly

    The only thing I could find was a ringtone link. No official app as of yet.

    A truly missed opportunity by Captain Morgan.

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