Point Break (The Remake?)  Um…Here’s the Trailer (VIDEO)
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And here is the original… [...]

<em>The Mo’Kelly Show</em> – Commemorating Memorial Day with WWII Veteran Jimmy Weldon and Iraq War Veteran Fernando Rivero of Hollywood American Legion Post 43
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Photo (from L-R) – Rivero, O’Kelly, Weldon, Clayton Pitkin, Larry “L.P.” Pitkin As The Mo’Kelly Show commemorated Memorial Day and observed the contributions of fallen American heroes this weekend, we were joined by two [...]

<em>The Mo’Kelly Show</em> – Going Beyond the Music: The Urban Network Digital and Amalgamation Summit w/ David Mitchell (AUDIO)
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Fresh off the success of its recent comeback conference, Urban Network Digital and Amalgamation Magazine: An Industry Quarterly is returning to San Diego, CA., June 4-7, 2015 for its annual music-entertainment conference. This one-of-a-kind [...]

Vin Diesel Used to Have Hair (and Would Breakdance Too – VIDEO)
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Hey, we all started somewhere… [...]

<em>The Mo’Kelly Show</em> – Ben Carson’s Teeth Troubles * George Zimmerman Shot in the Face * Cosby Speaks Out * B.B. King Tribute (AUDIO)
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Let this show be another great example of why The Mo’Kelly Show is the coolest two hours in all of talk radio. Where else will you get a thorough update on the race for [...]

George Zimmerman Involved in Road Rage Incident…Suffers Minor Gunshot Wound (DEVELOPING)
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The shooting involved Zimmerman and another man and happened on Lake Mary Boulevard about 12:45 p.m., police said. According to Bracknell, officers at the scene reported Zimmerman suffered a minor gunshot wound. An employee at [...]

<em>The Mo’Kelly Show</em> – Ted Lange of ‘The Love Boat’ Shares ‘The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson’ (AUDIO)
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The Mo’Kelly Show welcomed actor, director and playwright Ted Lange, (best known for his role as Isaac on “The Love Boat”) as he introduces his upcoming play, The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson. An NAACP [...]